Top Hairstylists Have Spoken—These Are the Best Cuts for Every Face Shape


Like your clothing, haircuts aren’t one-size-fits-all. But unlike your laundry, you can’t take a crap haircut off after a day of fielding misuse from the coworkers.

Which is why–before moving under the barber’s scissors–it’s well worth understanding that which fashions best suit your face shape. In the end, an extra inch here or even a smattering of facial hair can make all of the difference.

If it comes to your clothing, fit is all. A good tailor possesses the power to make you look slimmer, more muscular as well as taller using only a short time spent behind the sewing machine. However he or she is not the only person you should be making friends with for all these reasons. Your local barber boasts a similar set of abilities. Skills that if implemented with the same consideration to the form of your face as a tailor would pay to the shape of the body, can work wonders overall.

So, just as you would not dream of wearing an ill-fitting coat, nor should you sport an ill-fitting haircut.

The Essential Face Shapes

Obviously, the first step in locating the great tonsorial accompaniment on your face is to establish just what form of face you own. But before you are able to do that you’ll have to be aware of the six key categories so that you can best assess where you collapse.


The jaw is slightly narrower than the brow and tapers down towards the chin. Lines are rather soft, as opposed to being harsh and angular.


The vertical and horizontal markers of your face are nearly identical and the sides curve out slightly compared to being straight.


Boasting a very masculine look, your jawline is pronounced as well as striking. In contrast to a round face, the sides are somewhat straight and there is less of a taper going down to the chin.


The difference in width between the upper and underside of your face is rather important. Your forehead is quite notable, tapering down into a slightly pointed chin.


Your face is pulled out and slim with straight sides and small difference in diameter from top to bottom.


Such as the oval face shape, your cheekbones are the broadest portion of your face.

How To Determine Your Face ShapeThe Right Haircut for Oval Faces and Shapes

If you are planning to do something, you could as well do it properly. Thus, prior to going drawing various shapes on your bathroom mirror with toothpaste and seeing which one your face fits into best, attempt this tested method .

Afterward, choose the tape and then measure in your hairline, down the center of the face to your chin. Take note of this also.

Now, compare the first two results — the broadest of which ought to be considered that the width of your face. You can then use the span measurement, together with the width, to work out which of the above mentioned groups most closely resembles your face.

The Best Haircuts For Each Face Shape

Now that you’ve got all the info you need, it’s time to start thinking about a design to match. The aim is to utilize your own hair to balance the proportions of your face in a way that looks natural and subtle. Before you get too comfy in the barber’s chair, take a little time to read the suggestions below and think about what type of cut might work best for you.

If you’ve determined your face to be oval shaped, congratulations — you’ve been blessed with what many might believe the holy grail of bone structures. As a result of this, you may happily wear just about any style you choose and it is going to look great.

Nevertheless, there are still a couple of things to be wary of. Adding too much height still isn’t a fantastic idea; the length and width of your face are well nicely balanced therefore picking for this kind of cut could toss items out of whack.

Short, cropped styles will fit this face shape particularly well. If you are stuck for inspiration, a timeless trim like a military crew cut or French harvest is a really great place to get started.

Key points:

*Do not add too much extra height
*Short fashions are your buddy
*Feel free to experiment

Greatest Haircuts For Round FacesThe perfect hairstyle for round Face Shapes

Broad lips and soft lines may work together to make a babyish look, which funnily enough does not have a tendency to be top of most men’s wish lists when it comes to aesthetic traits.

Circular with a rounded chin and no clear lines or angles, a round face shape benefits from a haircut that lends it a significance.

“Since around faces possess little in the way of natural angles, you need to produce the illusion of arrangement with your hair. A design with height on the top that is taken tight in the sides such as a pompadour or a flat upper works nicely to add architecture, as do front fringes.”

“Square corners in the high recession region of your own hair will regrow up any delicate borders,” adds Robinson. “A full square beard will even help thin the chin region, giving the look of a more chiselled jaw”

In order to combat this, your most powerful weapon is height. Opting for a design with some added lift can work to elongate the face think a pompadour, quiff or messy, textured cut on top. The latter is especially good for those which have thinning hair or a receding hairline.

Cropping the sides brief can also make the head look slimmer and require some of the roundness out of the cheeks. Consult your barber for a taper or fade on the sides and back, depending on how short you wish to go.

Key points:

*Use hair on top to create height
*Maintain hair closely cropped in the back and sides

Best Haircuts For Square FacesHow to pick the Right Haircut for a square Face Shape

But together with the uniform breadth of your cheekbones and forehead, it may be quite a harsh general look.

Try a messy, mid-length design to frame the face and counterbalance that the wideness of their jaw. If this does not appeal and you enjoy the idea of something more masculine then shorter options can work nicely also. Try out an Ivy league cut with a close fade on the team and sides it with some short stubble to decrease the angular character of your jaw.

Considered the masculine ideal, a square face shape is characterised by means of a razor sharp jawline, even proportions along with an overall chiselled appearance. Grrr.

Like the oval, it is a great base for the majority of styles and is versatile enough to utilize both exceptionally short and longer hairstyles–out of buzz cuts into French crops into quiffs. Just bear in mind that the shorter you go, the further you seem like you have just been conscripted. Not that that will not serve you well.

Best Haircuts For Rectangular FacesRight Haircut for Your Face Shape


After the face is naturally long it’s important not to bring any extra length to it with your hair.

Avoid haircuts with very short sides and of whatever creates an excessive amount of elevation on top. Instead, ask your barber for a style that leaves enough length on top to play with while still remaining relatively close to the head. A side-swept team clip, an Ivy League hairstyle or slick-back can do so.

When considering cosmetic hair, it’s important to keep in mind that the goal is to decrease duration, not add to it. For this reason, long beards are best avoided and a short style or even only a smattering of stubble will help elevate your look.

Key points:

*Side-swept, brushed or slicked-back length on top
*Keep quantity into an absolute minimum
*Go easy on the facial hair

The longest of the face shapes, a rectangular face falls somewhere between an oval and a square foot, but demands a subtly tweaked hairstyle to ensure the face doesn’t appear even longer than it is.

“Because a rectangular face appears longer, it’s important to avoid carrying the sides too brief if maintaining span on the top, as this could only accentuate the length of the face,” explains Nicolaou. “Try a well-proportioned style that doesn’t take the sides too brief or abandon too much length at the top.”

Taking that advice, try out a design that lets the hair fall to the sides and/or across the brow to add width and make certain your face doesn’t seem thinner as it is.


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