Telegram has added video calling feature to its app


It has been more than four years since Telegram additional support for voice calls, and also at the period since, everyone has been asking, “What about movies?” The feature’s lack has been even more bothersome in recent months, given quarantine steps and people’s need to remain in touch with family and friends. The wait is finally over, as Telegram simply rolled out an experimental alpha release of video calls using Android app version 7.

If one of your contacts also has v7.0 installed, then you will have the ability to begin a video phone with them. The interface is straightforward with choices to flip between rear and front cams, turn off video, mute, and hang up. Tapping the window at the bottom right switches between both participants. We believed the volume was too low realized the loudspeaker wasn’t being used. Tapping the volume button on the top right fixes this, but the fact that the loudspeaker isn’t utilized by default shows that video calling is really still in an early growth stage.

So far as we could tell, there is no PIP support once you turn off from the movie, and group video calls do not appear to be supported either, so Telegram still has a way to go before the feature is as practical as similar solutions from WhatsApp, Viber, Google Duo, along with others. But for the time being, we know the feature works and is in active development.

Edit: PIP functions, but you will need to tap on the back arrow on the top left while in a call to activate the consent pop-up. If you use the rear gesture onto your device, you don’t get asked for that consent. As soon as you allow Telegram to display over other programs, going back (whether together with the arrow, the back gesture, or by departing Telegram and going home) activates PIP and you can continue your call regardless of what you are doing on your phone. Thanks, Dusan K!
The video calling feature has been announced at a website marking the anniversary of the platform.

So as to begin a video call, users can tap the profile of the individual they want to link with. The movies can be switched on and off any time during a call.
Telegram may even support a picture-in-picture mode, so users can continue scrolling through the app while on call.

Additionally, very similar to texting and audio calls Telegram, the video calls will even have end-to-end-encryption.

Testing today

Let’s understand that the video calling feature is now in the testing stage, but when this feature is published, then programs such as WhatsApp, Viber will find a difficult competition.
Incidentally, voice call facility is currently available on Telegram such as WhatsApp, but users were overlooking the video calling feature with this platform.

Instant messaging application WhatsApp is currently getting tough competition from Telegram. Users also have started downloading this app instantly.
Despite most advanced and useful features, video phoning wasn’t available on this platform until today. But now Telegram users may even have the ability to make the most of the video calling feature.

Telegram has released the video calling feature in beta version 0.7.
If you want this new version, users can download it from Microsoft’s App Center platform. One more thing that the user needs to keep in mind here is that this program has to be installed using a normal Telegram app.

But now it’s been released for beta users.

According to the company, it may take some time to release its stable edition. If you want to use this feature now, you will need to be part of this beta program.
Special features of Telegram Like Whatsapp.

It is also a messaging platform. A group of 2 lakh individuals can be formed here and consumer public channels may also be created here. You do not get the facility to make public classes in WhatsApp. It is also helpful in terms of the file, picture, picture sharing. With this aid, files up to 1.5 GB could be shared.
It supports android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, Linux, and web. This is a free program.



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