FaceTime And WhatsApp


FaceTime And WhatsApp

FaceTime is available for users that are iPhone, although what’s skype both operate on android and IOS platforms and application, it is a pre application in apple devices. These programs offers interface and video calls, and claims to offer user experience. So if you use a Wi-Fi network than think about the information and you don’t need to worry about the data intake while using video calls, but if you used a data network charges than you need to take into account the information cost of each app. In accord with the test between 3 it is found that information that was less is consumed by Facetime than what’s skype and application in calling. 

The call quality discovered best in the test. What’s application and skype consume comparable amount of data in video calling. Uncover thatApples FaceTime consume 8 to least. 8MB of information in a 4 minute call whilst WhatsApp and the Skype consumed a mean of 12. 74MB of information during video calls. This test made onVodafone 3G community in Delhi NCR telecom circle By gadgets and has been based on average of 3 calls. If we discuss the call quality than Facetime were better in compare of two. The call quality on facetime was smooth and great after switching to network. 

While thevideo phone quality on both WhatsApp and Skype wasn’t great. On the approx the cost information of 4 minutes phone on Facetime has been less than skype and what’s application, It wasapproximately 25 paise per MB typical price Of data on Vodafone from the Delhi NCR on FaceTime which means it absorb 4 minute roughly Rs. 2.2 in 4 minutes movie phone or 55 paise per minute and about Rs. 3.1 or 80 paise per minute on WhatsApp and Skype.


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