Android New Version


Android New Version

Google Pixel created quite a hype when it was released in 2016. The phone laid and was promoted its claim. Sales have been steady, but have posed no threat such as the Samsung Galaxy and Apple’s iPhone. Some believe the sales of Pixel failed to challenge the players due to a layout that was the cost and nothing special rather large. Many in the marketplace believe Google’s effort to chip away in the Google Android marketplace was a nice step and have expectation that the technology giant will release a brand new version this year. Experts point to the mishaps and Apple and enhancements it is made with each new phone release. 

This has become an industry norm, found in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7. Many believe Pixel’s following version will be dust and water resistant. It wasn’t in included by the company in its model it should be a characteristic when 2 roles out. Reports indicate Google wants to enhance the camera. One among the top smartphone cameras accessible, the company may be focused on adding a few new features and enhancing low light performance. Based on a report at 9to5Google the price might be higher. Improvements would have to be essential to warrant a top of the industry price tag. 

On the other hand the report said end Pixel devices are being tested by Google too, possibly. These would need fewer features and a smaller cost. It’d make sense if a lower conclusion device was offered from the U.S. Enabling Google to cover more ends of with the industry. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 was utilized in the original model. Rumors are the company is testing a Snapdragon 830 and/or 835 processor. Pixel became the Basic Principles of all things Android and the very first phone had the full size version of Google Android Nougat. The new version might need Android 0 to continue on that path. 

Phone size Issues along with little has been said about a Pixel XL two. While many can need trouble locating an original Pixel XL, it’d seem Google would want to continue with the model, particularly with the success of Apple’s Bigger iPhone 7 Plus with all its extended features. When could you rely on seeing the Pixel 2? Many believe it’ll come this fall, about one year after the release of the original version. How Google plays the launch card will be intriguing to watch as the new iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, along with LG G6, ought to all be ready for industry about the same time.


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